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Product Review – TMAT PRO

As a super blogger on TriCrowd (okay, so I added the “super”), I was approached to test and write a review for a new product: the TMAT PRO.

If it’s free, then it’s for me!!  

Here comes the legal mumbo jumbo: I was given the product to test and in turn, I am writing a fair and completely unbiased review of the TMAT. A super de duper review was not guaranteed from me receiving the free product.  Furthermore, I did not receive any compensation, massages or sexy male escorts to review this product.  But I did get to keep the TMAT (yaaay!)

What is a TMAT PRO?
When I was asked to review it, I had to look it up first.  Well, it’s a 21x30ish piece of thin colorful neoprene.

Who Cares?
Well, that’s what I thought at first.   Then I received it.  I got the neon green.  And I unwrapped that puppy, and I wanted to do a quick downward dog.

James, my three and half year old, actually did.

The TMAT is: a colorful, flexible, convenient, and portable fitness mat.    

No, Really WHAT is It?
Well, the TMAT is a portable mat that can be used anywhere for stretching, sitting, or most appropriately for your transition area. It’s precisely the size allowed for your transition needs.  It’s brightly colored for easy spotting in the hubbub of transition. 

Don’t know how many of you guys are “lost in transition,” but with my first Oly triathlon T1 time rolling in somewhere around ten minutes…. I clearly am.  And I remember my transition area towel was icky at the end of the day.  It would have been nice to just roll up the TMAT and head on to get my celebratory beer.

I love love love how easily it rolls up and the velcro attachment is idiot proof.  

Necessary for Swim Bike Klutzes. 

Oh, it has a non-skid backing as well – for stretching on hardwood floors.   I am thinking of buying two more for my kids.  When the Expert and I do yoga, these mini-mats would 
be great for the kids to yoga-cize upon. 

How Handy is It (Really)?
The first thing I thought when I opened it was: What a perfect thing to keep it in the car.  Here’s the thing: the TMAT would be the perfect mat for standing near your car as you are transitioning during 
training. Coming out of the water with sandy feet. A nice place to stand barefoot, and easy to clean.

The TMAT serves as an impromptu play mat, wrestling mat or “Bubba, you a HORSEY” play pen.

TMAT would be amazing for changing a baby (!) – seriously, if I had this in my car, my poor kids would not have been changed on hot asphalt.  

Okay, so I didn’t change my kids on asphalt (ever), but this would have so nice to have when my kids were in diapers.  The TMAT rolls up surprisingly small – it would fit in a diaper bag easily, and of course a gym bag.

I haven’t had a chance to use the TMAT for the transition area, but I expect the Expert will steal it for his sprint tri in a few weeks, and I’ll amend the review accordingly.   Now, the Expert (who is skeptical of all things that cost money… “No honey, this was free for me to review.”  “Oh, okay.“) – he even thought this was a handy mat.  Not easily impressed that guy, and he thought the TMAT was groovy.

So Would I Buy It?
Yes. Yes. Yes.

I am ready to put it to the serious test during this weekends’ ride and run, and especially for the next open water swim.  It rolls up tight and handy. Unlike most tri-oriented things, the TMAT appears to be a lifestyle product with many uses. That’s always a good deal.

I’m a fan, yes I am.  As are the kids.

Hey, they customize mats too, and are a sponsor of Team in Training.  You can get yours here.

Tell them Swim Bike Mom sent you (just for laughs – because they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about.)

Review update:
Took the TMAT for its maiden voyage.  Click here.

It was a long hard workout… thank you, TMAT for letting me rest for a moment.

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