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Outdoor Spin

I decided to make the forty minute trek to my favorite gym today to attend Mike McBlessings’ spin class.  Mike is the founder of a super organization, the Getting2Tri Foundation, and he teaches spinning a few days a week.

Today, Mike had rolled all the spin bikes outside near the pool.  Outdoor spin class!  Outdoor spin class!

The class was great, and I was drenched from the heat and humidity (and the butt kicking). The view of the outdoors was nice too. Oh, this is my sweat puddle halfway through class. Nice!

When I returned to the office, I received an email that my usual gym had been closed all morning due to a power outage. So I was double McGlad that I went to McBlessings’ class.

What’s on the books for the weekend, everyone?  I have a brick on Sunday, and next week becomes just plain scary with a ten mile run and an almost 50 miler on the bike.  Time is a-ticking down to Miami. (What was I thinking? What was I thinking??)  Sixteen and a half weeks.

Happy happy happy hump day!

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