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Open Water Sunday

Today was only my fifth open water swim (ever).  Much better than my first (for sure), and pretty successful overall.  The Expert and I got a late start out to Lake Lanier. Ended up being a little crowd of “normal” beach goers (those with umbrellas, sans tri suit and goggles).   We had a few funny stares.

I no longer panic in the open water.

But I must make a conscious decision to ignore the fact that: 1) there are no walls to grab onto, 2) no bottom of the pool to touch, and 3) no black lines to follow.  Oh, and I can’t see six inches in front of me.  I have to think about siting and the efficiency of my stroke more, while looking out for the possibility of boats and waves and crazy sticks that may float by (which I mistake for some sort of eel, most of the time).

Good day.

Oh, tomorrow is the Peachtree Road Race. And I am already worn out.  I am not expecting much out of myself in this race other than have a great time.

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