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Heartrate Heartbreak


My Garmin FR60 band “keeper” (the little rubber strap holder) broke today.

I went online to find a cure for it, and there are all sorts of angry forums about Garmin responding to this issues with: “Broken watch band “keeper” (little rubber ring)? Buy new watch.”  

Really? Did Garmin really say that? Hurmph.

I like the watch.  I do not love the watch. I hate the color, even though I bought it that way. It was on sale, and now I am kind of sorry.

But still, it’s been a good watch for two years, and I can’t really complain.

However, I very badly want the Forerunner 310xt (below). I said that the 310xt was going to be my reward for finishing St. Anthony’s, but I still haven’t made the jump. And no, this is not my lame excuse to get one.  Plus, it’s HUGE. (And hugely expensive).

But dang… besides using a hair band to hold my FR60 in place, I’m kind of at a loss for what to do.

Anyone with any advice? What HR monitors do you love/hate?  Give me the scoop. 

UPDATE: 7/14/11
Garmin responded within 24 hours of my inquiry with Customer Support.  They are sending me a replacement loop.     Yaaay Garmin!


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