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Friday Fun Things

Friday Fun Things:

1)  I went to Arby’s this morning after spin (I know, bad… short on time, short on patience). I tried to order something reasonable. Plain wrap with egg, coffee. (Yes, non-vegan, I know).  So I order that.  Plain.  I ask if they have salsa (they do not, FYI).  So what comes to me in my sweet little brown Arby’s bag?   That’s right, people:  a sausage, egg, cheese and…(wait for it…..wait)….. hash brown wrap.  A hash brown, smashed into the wrap. Mother of….

2)  Spin class was the bomb diggity as usual. I can’t believe I wake up at 4:25am to get on a bike that goes nowhere. Coach Monster knows how to put down the hurting.

3) When I woke up this morning, I realized that I often have a very strange recurring dream. Here’s the dream.  I’m back in school (high school, maybe college), and I am almost done with the end of the year.  Suddenly, I have this cold sweat form over me, and I realize that for the entire past year/semester/whatever, I totally forgot about a math class I needed to graduate.  I enrolled in it.  I went to the first day, but then I forgot about it.  Didn’t go back.  Literally, for-got. And now, it’s like four days before the end of the year and I’m hosed.  I never dream after that part….so I never learn of the solution.

This dream bothers me.  I keep thinking that: a) maybe I really did forget about a class in college; or b) maybe I am forgetting something very important now.  Any dream analysts out there?

4)  Six years ago, I was getting ready for the two day fun fest that is the Bar Exam.  I can’t believe I passed.  Most days, I wished I hadn’t.  Oh, did I say that?  What I meant…. I wish I wouldn’t have showed up for it.  Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that either.

Any of you young bucks out there taking the bar exam, just walk away now.  Don’t show up.  Use those two days to find a beach, lay in the sand and get drunk (no one will wonder where you are; they will assume you are at the bar exam).  Then tell your parents after the two days that you are sorry, but you changed your mind.  Put down your big aspirations….and walk…away.  Law is not really like Law and Order, or The Practice.

When I found out that I was working with an unattractive chauvinistic boss out of law school instead of Dylan McDermott, I was really pissed, and wanted my money back for my troubles.

5) Tomorrow is an eleven mile run.  (Eeeeeeeeeeeeek.  And the people said?  Oh Lawd.) I have fancy new running shoes that should be arriving today.  I tried on a half size too small in the store, so had to order the half size up.  They are bright yellow K-Swiss, and I just know they are going to make me speedy.  I mean they’re called “Kwicky” and “Blade” and “Light” – three things I just know they are going to make me.

Okay fine… So I will totes look like a tool with my fast shoes and slow body.

And of course, I will not wear them for eleven miles tomorrow, no matter how bad I want to.  [I am not Mountain Goat (who apparently does this, gets bloody heels, and still runs the Peachtree Road Race in forty-six minutes, bloody heels and all.)]

I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy workouts.  SBM is going to be opening a discussion board on Facebook soon in hopes that we can all get to know each other a little better, share training stories, and other info.  Hold your breath!


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