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Forget the Uglies

Okay, yes, I will still give away the Uglies swimsuit, but I am going to have a hard time picking the winner. And really, this little contest has turned into something way better.  The deal was: I was giving away a brand new Uglies swimsuit for the ugliest race photo.

However, the entries have been so funny  – and people are posting for the heck of it – they don’t even want the suit. The best part of this contest is, as my friend Brooke pointed out, the reward of seeing these AWESOME race photos and reading the commentary.  Here’s a little sampling.

You guys… these are awesome.  Thanks for sharing.  Keep them coming…. we are LOVING it.

So, everyone… a sport, and share your ugly race photos.

How to share:
1) Visit SwimBikeMom on Facebook (click here
2) Post the photo to the wall
3) Enjoy as everyone gives you super de duper comments!

I am glad that SwimBikeMom will have the largest collection of ugly race photos from some of the most BEAUTIFUL people!

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