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Another Brick, Another Day

The Expert and I went on a brick mission today: thirty-four mile bike ride and a three mile run.  
Oh, and ah-ha! Took the TMAT Pro for its maiden voyage today.  Made the Expert try it out too.  He said the TMAT officially made me block the entire transition area, keeping him from accessing his stuff.  
Perfect, that’s the point!

I was dragging on the bike.  Started off feeling great.  But the babysitter showed up an hour late, and I really think that took alot of my mental energy.  I was pacing and mad…sounds stupid, but that’s part of my story. I like thing in order and on time. (I’m not a type A personality at all).  So, there we were – was all ready to go – and instead, I was sitting around, tapping my impatient foot and waiting for a babysitter.  Still, we were on the road by 8:10, and on the trail by 9:15.  I know… just tragic.  Okay okay.
Yes, I was dragging. The Expert, however, was flying. Zooooom. (Here’s the proof… check out that zoom). 
The ride was over eventually – somewhere right around 2 hours.  Then came the run. 
Yes, it was hot, but I felt great on the run.  I ended up finishing in about 32 minutes, which for me, is pretty fast to run 5k after a bike.  So I was happy about it. 
Still pretty worn out.  Thank you, TMAT for being a shoulder to cry upon.
Afterwards, the Expert and I dragged our sweaty buns to Fuego Mundo.  Mmmmmm…..vegan veggie burger, salad and fried (sorry) plantains.  Lawd.  Slap yo mama good.
Another weekend over.  I am looking forward to this week of workouts.  Have a big milestone coming up on Thursday, with a ten mile run.  I thought about doing it on the Silver Comet Trail, but the issue… I am so slow, I couldn’t pack enough into my fuel belt, hydration wise.  I think in this heat, I ought to stick inside for awhile. 
Have a great week everyone! 


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