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This week has been for the birds.  And after two straight days of horrendous work, I really wanted a frosty brew (or three) tonight.  But this will tell you how much I’ve grown…


Tonight’s “frosty brew” on tap: strawberries, blueberries, flax seeds, protein and rice milk.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Also known as “dinner.”   I made two.  One for the Expert, too. The Expert scrunched his face.  Tasted.   And said, “Huh. Not that bad.  But you did go to Smoothie University.”

Yeah, I do have a degree from Planet Smoothie (college job), and times like this and sports that require protein powder…. a smoothie degree is a smart paper in the professional arsenal.  And after the week I’ve had in the real job, I’m thinking smoothie making might be back on the table.

I jest.  Sort of.  I take the Fifth.

Recovery week is winding to a close, but not before a patented Coach Monster spin class in the AM.  Fourth of July (Monday) is the Peachtree Road Race, which for some reason, I cannot get psyched up for.   Maybe because it’s such a horrendous crowd, and I don’t care for serious mob situations.  But I am sure it will be fun.  And Mountain Goat is my partner in crime, although she will be done with her run a million years before I am, and sipping booze across the street. 10K of pure bliss.

Goals for the race: absolutely none.  Just have a good time and enjoy the day.  I have plenty of pressure coming up in life and training. For Monday, goal is to just play it smooth.

Happy almost Friday, ya’ll. 

No real reason to post this picture again.  Except it cracks me up every time.

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