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Run a Little, Swim a Little (Happy Father’s Day)

Today’s workout was a swim and a run, not supposed to be back-to-back.  But I have found that life doesn’t always allow for that early morning workout and the afternoon workout. Sometimes I gotta squeeze it all in.  I decided to run first, because I hate trying to squeeze my buns into my compression capris out of the pool.

So I ran four miles. Nothing hurt, and my heartrate stayed within reason.  But of course, I was slow. Slow. Slow. Whatever. Then I popped into the pool for a 2200m swim.   Yes, I ran slow.  But I felt like my swim time was pretty fast, being only forty minutes.  
The pool is nice = I am weightless. 
The Expert and I have been scratching our heads, trying to figure out the triathlon family – how to each fit in our workouts, plus work full time jobs, plus raise two (sane) children.  It wasn’t working on the weekends, especially on the long bikes. So, I bit the bullet and hired a nanny service who offers “on call” sitters.  And we have someone on call for our early morning Saturdays/Sundays now.  For the first time, the Expert and I are heading out to do our bike ride together tomorrow morning.
Happy Father’s Day to all the Swim Bike Dads out there!   And of course, just the dads.  This is one of my favorite pictures – my dad and me – I was hours old.  I owe alot to my dad.  He has always been the type to say:  yes, you can.  So he’s probably mostly to blame for my triathlon insanity. 
My dad started hammering on me around age four with smart things, good advice and sound wisdom.  I was probably eight years old when he said two things to me…. two things that he repeated throughout the years, and two things that have s-t-u-c-k with me, to the point that I think they are a part of my DNA:
1) Be your own person, never depend on a man to make it through life; and 
2) If you want something, go get it. Never look back and wonder “what if.”  Go for it.  
Thanks, Dad.  I love you.  
Oh, and the Expert is celebrating his fourth Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day, you big know-it-all.  One thing you couldn’t predict…. how hard it is to be a dad. 🙂  

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