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I Heart You

My Garmin battery is dead.  I have several watches that sit in my dresser because I never replace watch batteries.  But I need my Garmin, and I fully intend to have the battery replaced.

Well, I did intend…. but now, I’m not so sure.
On the schedule this morning, as a part of recovery week, was a four mile run.  I was on a serious time-crunch and had less than my normal time to pull of four miles.  Oh, well.  I was going to get in what I could.  I didn’t have my heartrate monitor to lean on, and so I just ran.  And I felt pretty good, despite my hamstring bothering me….So I ran a little faster, and a little faster, until I was putting down a 10:25 pace, finishing up the last half mile at 10:00 pace even.

That pace for me???  ZOOOooommmmm.  I was flying!

This little run was a huge milestone for me, almost bigger than the nine miler last week.  Why?  Because the improvement in speed was massive.  Usually, I am suffering along at a 11:45-12:45 pace to put down 4-6 miles.  And today, I was able to improve on that drastically.

I can attribute it to two things:
1) I’ve taken off about 7 pounds in the past two weeks, and
2) my Garmin wasn’t weighing me down.

Of course, the Garmin isn’t heavy.  But I am a computer/electronic junkie.  I think I rely on it more than I should. To run without it today – to simply run – and not worry about anything but running – that made a big difference.

Yes, I know the importance of heartrate training…so I will be replacing the Garmin battery.  But, I may accidentally leave the Garmin in the bag some days and run…heartless.

Now, to peel off the rest of this weight.  Zoooooooom!  Watch out!

By the way, I love you guys who read this blog.  Thanks for all the encouragement, laughs and support thus far.  On days I want to quit, I think about all my blog friends and keep going.  Because I know… if I quit…. you guys will find a whip, fly to Georgia and start lashing me.

That’s love, people. L-O-V-E.  This sport is full of way more heart than sense. 🙂

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