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Fat Bottomed Girl

Coach Monster often plays the song “Fat Bottomed Girls” in his spin class.  I told him awhile back that I didn’t like that song because being the only fat bottomed girl in the class, I felt everyone staring at me.  Plus, it’s an “out of the saddle” song. Even worse.  He brushed me off, told me I owed him $100 for my self-deprecating humor, and ignored me.

Well, last Friday, song number five in class. There it was.  Staring at me like a one-eyed cat.  Fat-bottomed girls make the rock n roll world go ’round…boom boom boom boom… 

And then the song came to a screeching halt. Nothing.  No music. Silence. iPod technical failure. “What was that all about,” says Coach Monster, and he looks at me and winks. Now, I really feel singled out.

He starts the song over again. Fat-bottomed girls make the rock n roll world go ’round…boom boom boom boom… then, screeching halt.

Now, I smirk a little.  Because…I put a secret hex on that song the second it started.  My powers are stronger than I thought! Ah-ha!!

The Expert is in flight on his way back from Colorado. I hope he found our mountain home while he was there.

Day two of Swim Bike Vegan, and I feel pretty good. I was hungry, and have eating alot of beans and lentils… which everyone knows what that does until a body gets used to it.   But, all vegan day, and I squeezed in a spin class during lunch. I am starting to fancy the lunchtime workouts. Mostly because I leave work looking calm and made-up, but then I come back red as a beet and sweating.  Keeps ’em guessing.

“Oh yes, that was a crazy court case.”

I’m in hopes that watching what I eat and sticking to the workout will transform this Fat Bottomed Girl into some sort of super triathlon babe.  Well….one step at a time.

Happy hump day.  I hope this weekend will provide some actual biking time.  I want to get to Silver Comet Trail early on Saturday or Sunday and put in a good solid 25-30 miles on the flat road.  Get some steam back. Whoop.

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