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Another Eight is Great

I had an eight mile run on my plate this morning. I wanted to squeeze this in before work, so I was staring at CNN on the treadmill by 5:45.

Usually, I can truck along at a 12:00 per mile pace and keep my heartrate pretty low. I have no idea what was going on this morning.  The run was supposed to be a Zone 2 workout. But my heartrate was through the roof. I started off at 11:45 pace…then12:00….then 12:30…then 13:00…. and I was still pulling a high Zone 3.  Because the whole point of the run was base building, I ended up somewhere around a 13:40 minute mile, trying to get my heartrate under control.

But even when turtles were flying past me, my heartrate was still somewhere in Zone 3.  So strange.  I refused to walk, so I puttered along in Zone 3 for my eight miles…which translates to = these were the longest 8 miles in the history of the world.

Before and after the eight mile beating.  Somebody get that girl to the right to hair and makeup – stat!

Happy Hump Day, friends. 

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