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Swimming and Stripping

The Expert and I decided to spend Mother’s Day at Lifetime Fitness – squeezing in a swim while the kids were in the play center, and then getting the kids and splishy-splashy with them in the pool.  I am somewhere around 600m, when I see someone wander to the pool deck, carrying a small dry erase board with my name in all caps.  The signal from the childcare center.

Me:    Oh, no! What’s wrong?

Childcare Person:    Your daughter has taken off her clothes and we can’t put them back on her.


Well, because we are not a certified daycare, we can’t.   We tried to get her brother to do it, but he refused.

I roll my eyes at the last sentence.  As if James, our three year old, would be of any help.

We dry off and head to the childcare room.  There, I see our two year old daughter, fully clothed.  But then I check her, and she has clearly removed her diaper (and placed it Lord knows where)  and then put her skirt back on.  James runs up to me, tattling on her: “Stella took her diaper off!”

Well, there goes my swim. At least we still managed to get in a little splishy-splashy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my SBM friends.

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