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Super Cool

Again. Just in case anyone thinks I blog to make myself look “super cool”, well, here’s another little adventure in Swim Bike Klutz.

Leaving an awesome, sweat-busting spin class this morning… I was wearing flip-flops…. and managed to slip on  a puddle of someone else’s sweat.  I landed flat on my ass, spewing water bottles, Shimanos and expletives right at the door.

The worse part about falling is the looks on the faces of the witnesses and the “OMG, are you okayyyyy?” questions.  Ugh.

What in the world is wrong with me?  Why can’t I just walk without destruction? I’m like a dinosaur. Boom boom boom.

Oh, here’s the cause, I’m sure of it.  I had my hair done yesterday, and the stylist convinced me to change my part from one side to the other. I’ve parted my hair on the same side for ten years.  Okay, my whole life.  Still.  I joked with her, “If you change my hair, I won’t be able to walk. It’ll throw me off balance.”

Turns out.  True fact.

Happy Friday and long weekend, everyone!

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