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I Ate Run for Lunch

So I have officially been back on the training wagon for two (for real) days.  

Coach Monster has given me the rest of this week to figure myself out, and then I can hear the whip cracking in the distance.  Of course, Memorial Day weekend will sure to derail a few days of it due to travel plans (with kiddos), but I feel ready. 

Today I embarked on a lunchtime workout.  First time ever.  Lots of reasons that I have previously frowned upon lunchtime workouts:
1) sweaty head
2) sweaty face
3) sweaty feet
4) sweaty pits
All of these things keep sweating on me, long after I finish a workout.  Sweat sweat sweat.
But my office is now sixteen feet away from the blessed gym giant, Lifetime Fitness, and I figured since I never take a lunch break, that maybe I will take one sometimes… and just go run. 
Or swim.  Or bike.  Or swim, bike and run really quickly.  
Or “om” or zumba. 
Okay, let’s not get carried away here.  Zumba. Ha. I wonder if that would help my tri training.  I have no rhythm. Scratch that.
So hence the lunchtime three miler on the treadmill.  Nothing like a little mid-day Eminem.  I was fast today.  Fast for me. I was fast getting to the gym, fast running, fast showering, and fast running back to my desk with my lunch.  
Turns out the mid-day run is quite refreshing. My afternoon was crazy productive. Now, my sweaty body… that was another story.  No one seemed to stare too long, and I stopped sweating about three o’clock.  Bonus!
And the biggest bonus? Biggest Loser finale tonight.  
My life is starting to wedge itself back into a rhythm, into some steady tracks. And guess what?  Today, I am just plain fat and happy.  Hopefully, five months from now I’ll just be “plain happy” (sans fat).
Happy Tuesday, friends. 

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