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So today I sent Coach Monster an email asking for a few days to compose myself.  When I saw the schedule and the 70.3 training commencing at 5:30am today, I chickened out.  Fear is starting to creep-a-leep.

I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things.  Oh, that… and the fact, my brain is still floating in the Bahamas somewhere.  I need to re-focus.  And by re-focus, I mean… start to focus on all the new changes.

The past few weeks have been serious emotional whirlwinds.  Serious.  New job. New people. Missing (some) of my old peeps. Finishing an Olympic distance tri. Our dear experience with my sweet son and his ODD diagnosis. Vacation.  Whew.  And yes, that’s all been in the past month.

But good things have happened to us.  I believe that good things are going to continue to happen.   I have much, much (much) to hang my gratefulness hat upon, so that is focus number one:  be in the moment, be thankful and just be.

Coach Monster reminded me, before the Expert and I headed down to St. Anthony’s to remember to be in the moment and enjoy the experience.  Sometimes when I am “suffering” (emotionally, physically, you name it) I forget to be grateful.  You guys are all probably tired of reading about my gratefulness tangent.  But I write not only to make you guys laugh (sometimes), but mostly to keep a written record of the things I say, and the person I want to become.  Making that girl-I-want-to-be meet up with this crazy-girl-I-am… that’s the challenge.

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