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St. Anthony’s: We’re Here!

Yesterday, the list was carefully made and checked seventeen times.  Along with the tag removed from the leftover Easter bunny ears (explained herein). 

The race day bag was packed and ready (kind of ready, because actually I needed the stuff out of it for the quick swim/bike/run for tomorrow).  The bunny ears are intended to mark my bike in the sea of bikes in the transition area. That’s either the wisest bike marking in the world, or the stupidest. I’m not sure which.

At least it’s funny.  Maybe.

The Expert ponders his practice transition area.  
We took off this morning at 8:30, and hit St. Petersburg by 4:30.  Since race day packet pickup was available  today, we decided to go ahead and grab that bull by the horns.
We picked up our packets.  But not until after a volunteer weighed us. Oh yes, it’s true.  Who knew.
Apparently, if you are racing Athena and Clyde, they put you on a scale to decide if you are fit to race fat. Ha ha ha.   
Look!  Friends!  My buddies at Mix1!  (And what is stowed in our hotel fridge!)
Check out the view of the pier!  St. Pete is beautiful!  
The Expert examines the water. Probably discerning the exact water temperature with his eyeballs.
See the stairs in the middle of the picture?  That’s the end of the swim course.  The time, as Coach Monster says, when every triathlete should take a moment, look to the sky, and thank the good Lord in heaven that the swim is over. 
And a lucky (?) charm?  The Expert finds a seahorse.  Poor buddy. 

After a great dinner, a drive through the run course, and a stop at Publix for the necessities, we are worn out and ready for some serious shuteye.

Tomorrow is a short swim, bike and run.  This is one of the most exciting times of my life.  Thanks for joining us in the ride, friends. Good luck to my girl Sara, racing Wildflower on Sunday, and my fellow St. Anthony ladies: Kim and Jennifer!

Goodnight, friends!

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