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Bad Naked?

What?  I just saw this post on Runner’s World’s website.  There are actual nude running events???  What?

Some people wear normal shirts and shorts, but 80 percent go fully nude, aside from shoes, sunglasses and perhaps hats. Oh, and definitely sunscreen.” 

Holy moly.  Makes me think of that Seinfeld episode with Jerry’s date who was a nudist – and he said how awful it was to watch a naked person cough/sneeze (can’t remember which).  Basically, he learns the difference between “good and bad naked.”  

Running naked seems like “bad naked.”  All the flopping and jiggling.  No matter how lean the person, the naked run can’t be fun to watch.  Or maybe it is… maybe I am completely missing something here.

I mean…one can’t dispute the awesomeness of the Kona Underwear Run.  But I would think that’s different. At least some clothing is involved.  Even if minimal.  Minimal clothing even helps keeps things in proper places.  

Hmmmmm….. maybe a naked run is in my future.  Ah-hem.  Watching.  Definitely only watching. 


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