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Today’s workout is 1600m swim, followed by yoga.  I have never attended a yoga class, but today is the day.  My knowledge of yoga is limited to Tony Horton and Yoga X, but I feel as if I can do Downward Dog and Warrior I without falling or farting, so I think I am ready for what I call YIP: yoga in public.

The scary thing for me, about YIP is the random views of my rear that I could pass along to my co-classers.  I’m no small girl.  My goal is to find a place in the back, where my giant Sun Salutations can face a wall and not a person.  No one willing signs up for my rear end first thing in the morning.  And I don’t have the proper yoga attire, which could result in various types of wardrobe malfunctions.  Oh, the horror.

The good thing: this is YIP at the YMCA.  And I’ve been in the YMCA locker room enough to feel like a supermodel compared to some of my other dear exercising friends. Perhaps this will be a nice, low-key YIP with no spandex issues. Report to follow….

Happy Saturday, friends!

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