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Thumbs Up

In another beautiful feat of Swim Bike Klutz, I managed to wedge a sliver of laminate flooring under my thumbnail.  I was cleaning up after the kids, of course.  Wiping the wood floor, and smash – wood under the nail.  Eeeeeeeek!

So yesterday, I had this sliver of pain removed by the doctor, complete with shot and minor surgery of what I believed to be the removal of the vast majority of my thumbnail.  I didn’t watch the procedure.  I could only imagine the horror.

I went to work afterwards, moping, with my thumb all wrapped up and thinking, How can I ride my bike in this condition! 

My marathon friend looked at my thumb like: what did your dumbass do now? I told her what happened.  Then she lifted up her left hand, revealing a crazy looking thumb, complete with bruising and said, “I think my thumb is dislocated.”

“Okay,” I said, “You win.  Your thumb is worse.”

Then she said, “Are you wearing your Road ID at work?”

“Yeah.  What?  Isn’t it jewelry?”

This morning, I unwrap the bandage and brace myself for the general ickiness.  Well.  It appears that I am not only a huge klutz, but also a massive sissy.  Only about five millimeters of thumbnail is gone.  The Expert looked at it, and gave me a snicker that was so painful, I was actually shamed by my sissiness.

Wow, I am so lame.

So I took my thumbs up outside and ran a hard four miles.  And then I felt better.

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