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I have been in a three day long mini-rut.  Not a big one.  Just a sick-kid-sleep-deprivation-mediocre-diet rut.  But I slept six whole hours last night and feel like a new woman.  Plus, today is a great day.  I received notification that I am joining as a blogger.  So, that makes me super happy.  Now, an even wider audience can read how ridiculous I am.

I did a 3.7 mile run on the indoor track this morning, keeping my HR reasonably low Zone 3.  I was supposed to be in Zone 2.  I am a bad student athlete. But I just think that Coach Monster doesn’t understand how pitiful I am.  I have a heart the size of Texas with the endurance ability the size of fly.  I feel like Rudy.

But even Rudy gets his moment in the end….  Rudy, Rudy, Rudy….

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