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My Head is So Hot

I thank God for spinning class.  I feel so very safe on a bicycle that stays in place.  I really want to wear my helmet to class one day, just to get used to wearing it.  My helmet makes me so hot.  I’m like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. But I know wearing a helmet to class would be totally uncool. As if I needed to clarify the uncoolness for you. 

Speaking of, however… there is a guy who wears his cycling gloves and a full warm-up suit to spin.  He must be baking.  I’m drenched from head to toe without a jacket, and he looks like he just came in from a cocktail party.  Granted, a party where one could wear a warm-up suit…  oh, my head is just so hot.  I can’t ever cool down after spinning.

Up on deck for tomorrow is swim and yoga, and then Sunday is a big ole brick workout for momma.  Well, it’s not really big.  But twenty-three mile bike, then two mile run off the bike makes for a newbie tough workout, indeed. 

Then, Wednesday is Milestone Run day. 10k run  The longest I will have ever run in my entire life (don’t mock), and the distance I have to survive in St. Anthony’s.  I am nervous, but I also can’t wait.  To get that 10k under my belt will do wonders for the confidence. 

Seven weeks, two days until my first Oly tri.  Eeeeeeeeeeek.   Happy weekend, triathlon friends.

      “You were amazing!” 
      “Yeah, amazingly slow.” 
      “I’ve been there, man, I’ve been there a lot.
        It takes more guts than going fast.”

                   —-Scott Jurek to Christopher McDougall, Born to Run


  • Mere

    March 11, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Thanks, girl! I saw your blog about what to name your bike… I named mine Antonia, which means "priceless" and is a play on St. Anthony's 🙂

    What 70.3 are you doing? Maybe you could come up with a play on that. I found that I love my bike so much more since I named her 🙂 Best of luck to you – keep in touch!


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