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Brick House: Lettin’ It All Hang Out

Brick workout today was awesome.  Twenty-three miles on the bike, then snapped on the shoes for a two mile run.  This brick was far less uneventful than the last one (thank goodness).   In case you forgot, the last brick experience consisted of me speeding off to run… while wearing my helmet.  Such a dork.

The bike was hard with lots of hill work, but I got a nice little tan around my Garmin and RoadID, and it was (to quote a person I know) a beautiful day to be on a bike.  Oh, and I now have blisters on my hands!  Sweet.  I am on my way.

*And I got smashed in the face by a wood bee, while I was heading downhill around 28mph.  That was awesome.

My cycling shorts wanted to ride down the back, and at one point around mile 18, I couldn’t bear to think about it anymore. I just decided oh well…. I’m letting it all hang out.  Hopefully, not much was hanging out.  And even so, I don’t know many people where I was riding.

The two mile run was misery, but accomplished with a little help from my friends (Eminem, Three Days Grace and Bush).  Making my legs propel forward in a running motion after pedaling in a circular motion is…to say the least… bizarre.  But also, an important component of triathlon.  I always forget the craziness I am training for… until brick days.

Tomorrow is back to Court on an insane case… then I am holding out for a hero of a week.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  • Jennifer

    March 14, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Great job! I did my first brick in a while on Saturday after a 30 mile ride with some killer hills, one at the very end that I'm surprised I made it up without one of those low velocity tip overs.

    Then I ran 9 miles on Sunday. Between that and DST, I was a zombie by 9 pm. Went to bed and didn't wake up for about 10.5 hours (thanks to hubby taking care of breakfast and daughter getting dressed this morning).


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