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Training & Complaining – Workout Log

WORKOUTS – Week of January 30, 2011
Yoga (P90x)

Bike: 1 hour on spin bike. HR 125-135. I was spinning pretty fast to keep this HR up.
Run – 3.0 miles. This was difficult after spinning for an hour, but manageable. I was able to keep HR under control around 135-140…. but that meant I was moving at a snail’s pace: 3.5-4.0 mph.

Strength workout
Swim: 1400m

Wednesday:   Rest

Ridiculous ab routine.
Swim: 1400m

Bike:  Spin at home.  1:30:00.  HR in Zone 2.

Strength Workout:
Run:  4.0 mile run at Zone 2 pace…. slllllow, but painful.

1.4 (12.4 total)

This was my first official week of training.  Coach Monster is an Ironman for a reason.  Oh, did that give too much away???  Anyway, thanks to accountability and actual planned training, I truly felt myself get stronger this week. My aerobic base has definitely improved. My heartrate is recovering faster.

And while I ran the 4.0 miles yesterday very and painfully slow… I was not even tired after 2.5 miles.  And that was after a full strength workout (now, I was dying at 3.0 miles….)  This alone is a huge improvement – I remember conking out before a mile run shortly after Stella was born.   As for swimming, I am feeling very comfortable in the water now.  Swimming is a perfect release of stress and pressure; there is no noise but white, water noise (and perhaps the sound of one gasping and gurgling, as is often the case).  I could not get out on the road bike this week due to the fact that I didn’t have anyone to watch the kids – but I worked in two really great spinbike workouts, so this week was a huge success.

And as for the hip injury/malfunction/mis-allignment…I continue to see the Chiropractor twice a week, and he’s a lifesaver.  My quality of sleep, life and limb is much better.  I have very minimal pain, and I wouldn’t even call it pain – more like discomfort.  After childbirth, I have a hard time calling anything pain….  Also, I am religious about my diet and stretching and trigger point therapy right now too, so it could be the combo of all that is helping.  However, I know the chiro works wonders;  I walk in his door hurting or stiff… and I leave not hurting.  That’s enough for me.

The Expert returns home towards the end of the week, and he’s returning home to a triathlon obsessed mini-monster.  I have two nasty cases at work that are coming to court on Monday and Wednesday of the following week – which means lots of preparation this week.  Coach Mega-Monster has increased my workouts, but all looks promising for the next seven days.  I will get on the bike maybe Sunday this week…oh, and spin class returns with a vengeance on Friday.

Hope you all have a great week!

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