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Kiss It, Valentine’s Day

Today was an awful day.  And to top it off, it’s Valentine’s Day.  Ugh.  Blech.

I had garbage for Court today… and after spending my entire weekend thinking and digesting that stupid case, I left work at 1:30 to squeeze in my workouts before I had to come home to my second job (crazy kids central).

The swim workout was tough. I drank alot of pool water, but it was still fun. One part of the swim was a speed drill. I drowned a little, but did a 50m set in about 46 seconds… FELT fast… whether it really is or not.. just don’t tell me.

Three mile treadmill run. The first half mile was scary, just coming off the swim, but then I found a rhythm and was able to pick up the pace to more than the last few runs (I know my speediness just blows your mind)…  I found I was able to control my heartrate by about 6-8 points just by trying to relax and think happy thoughts (and Eminem helpted). More importantly, the hip and hammy (and all the rest of me) didn’t really hurt today.  Even after the ride yesterday. 

The workouts today were the only good part of this eat-shit-and-die day… I hate Valentine’s Day with a burning passion. 🙂

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