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Define Life

I am not one to throw in the proverbial towel when things get difficult. Not really. Well, kinda. Because I tend to internally self-destruct.  Stress at work, sick babies, and suddenly, I find myself eating a pint of ice cream in the closet and listening to Boys for Pele underneath my prom dresses. 

After I eat the pint of ice cream and a few rounds of Hey Jupiter, I am back to business as usual.  Only the “business” is now planted firmly on my rear end. 

I have been awake since three this morning with a sick baby boy.  My alarm was set for four-thirty to wake up for spin class. So I am not losing “that” much sleep.  Needless to say, I am home today with the baby boy and spin class is going to happen thirty miles away, without me.  That’s okay.  That’s life, and the important stuff.

My question is how am I going to mentally/emotionally deal with these three obstacles today:  a missed workout, sleep deprivation, a ton of work to accomplish.  And how I am going to do that without sabotaging my diet and making excuses?

Sure, I missed 6am spin class.  But I own a spin bike.  I can spin tonight after I tuck the kids away.  Sure, Ironwoman Sarah won’t be yelling at me, motivating me, but it’s something. 

As for the food: I am home today. I don’t live in a Taco Bell.  I can control my diet. 

And finally, I have a home office and a nanny who will be here in three hours. So I can work all day from here, breaking only to eat and take the baby boy to the doctor, and thus, simultaneously feeling like a “decent” mother because I am nearby.

The big lesson for me in triathlon is learning to define my life
And not allowing life and its chaos to define me.

I need lots and lots of classes about this.  But every day is a lesson.  It may be 4:30 in the morning, but I’ve made coffee, written a dozen work emails and had a protein shake.  Oh, and I’ve rocked my baby boy twice since the steam shower of 3am.  That’s progress in the right direction.

Today, I define my life.  My Monday. 

Happy Monday, all.  Really.  This is going to be a great week.  I can feel it.

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