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Brick Baby, Brick

Today was a baby brick (bike workout followed immediately by a run to simulate part two of a triathlon).  The bike was 16 miles, followed by a one mile run. That’s why I say “baby brick”.

I took Antonia out and we had a great ride.  I think now that I have a bike I don’t want to throw off a mountain helps.  I felt very, very good and strong, BUT I am such a cartoon character.  It was cold out, and as I was riding, there was a place on the backside of my right thigh that was stinging for about five miles. I thought it was just numbness or something from the new saddle, or the weather, or just general freaky weirdness from being on a bicycle.  Well, it started to really irritate me, so I stopped and got off the bike. I looked at the back of my leg. My bike bag’s velcro had apparently come loose and had torn a hole in my bike shorts…and the repeated stinging I was feeling was the scratchy velcro tearing a hole in my skin. I’m a such a dumbass.

A guy in a truck stopped, and he was all “Hey heh heh, do you need some help?” (As I am sitting there with my head in my crotch trying to see this mess I have made of my pants and my bloody leg…) I’m like, “Clearly I need help, but not the kind you are offering.”

Anyway, I fixed the velcro crisis and finished up the ride. I rolled the bike into the house and stripped off my shoes… put on my sneakers, ready for the run.

I took off… about six steps down the driveway, I realized I was still wearing my helmet. What the hell?  I am really some sort of triathlon nightmare. I can just see something printed on the Onion….”Meredith of Lawrenceville, Georgia finished St. Anthony’s triathlon in style, wearing her helmet for the entire 10K. When asked why she did it, she simply replied, ‘Because I’m a complete dumbass.’  To which we say, ‘Yes, Meredith. Yes, you are.'”

Anyway, I could not believe how CRAZY my legs felt during the first few minutes of the run. So worn out! But some rhythm was found, and I paced at 10 minute mile and I was finished with it before I even settled in. Ten minute mile is like lightning for me.

Awesome day.  I love this stuff.