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Base of Suffering

Last night was my first official workout on the official coach training plan.  The plan: one hour long bike at a Zone 2 heartrate, followed by a three mile run (also in Zone 2).  A brick.

For me, a heartrate of Zone 2 is probably only a max of 111, but I was told to just keep it under 140.  (Because honestly, working at a heartrate of 111 would mean I was sitting on my couch).

The thing I underestimated about Zone 2, is that while it’s theoretically managable, two straight hours of training in Zone 2 is tough.  Tough enough that I shed my shirt and was pounding the treadmill in a sports bra only.  A frightful sight.  Terrors.

This is the base building theory.  Keeping tabs on my heartrate and maintaining a relaxed body and mind.  I did it.  One training session down, about 10,000 more to go.   And now, just to fend off the flu.

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