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Training & Complaining – Workout Log

Week of January 16
Sunday:        Run, 4 miles
Monday:      Spin bike at home, (1:20:00)
Tuesday:      Rest.
Wednesday: Spin bike at home (1:15:00)
Thursday:    Swim, 1/2 mile, Drills
Friday:         Spin class & 2.5 mile brick run
Saturday:     Rest.

Pounds Down This Week:

Lots of rest this week.  I thought I had food poisoning or something on Thursday night, but I went to bed early after chugging a water bottle of Cytomax, and I was good by the morning.  Cytomax is made of magic. Spin class on Friday was seventh-circle-of-hell brutal, and I followed it up by a run on the treadmill afterwards.  Misery.  I decided to rest on Saturday because of it.  

Also, had a girls’ night out on Friday, but managed not to derail my entire week with food and wine; I was reasonable, and that’s the first time that has happened in a while.

The awesome news: I unexpectably became a coachable athlete this week. We are working on the details, but I think I will have an actual training schedule which starts next week, and feedback from a living, breathing coach (not only that, but an Ironman athlete- so proof is in the pudding).  How exciting.  And how freaking terrifying.  My fear of disappointing people shall be greatly magnified when a coach is involved – perfect!

This Coming Week:
Put a five mile run on the books (somewhere) and manage my diet hardcore.  The Expert goes back to Australia on Friday, so I need to consider my workouts very carefully and plan well for the coming week.  However, if the coach relationship is established – there will be no thinking for me to do. Only a hell of alot of work. Only 13 weeks to St. Anthony’s.  There is much work to be done.
Happy moving!

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