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Running Anyway

Day seven of my resolution revolution.  A little hitch with visitors over the New Year’s holiday as far as my diet goes, but I managed to work out a little.  

Killer spinning classes on Friday and yesterday knocked my socks off.

And I am supposed to lay off the running because of the hip.  Running respites make me lazy for some reason. So I moved forward today. 

I couldn’t handle the horrific work day I had and I didn’t want to down a bottle of wine or eat a dozen chicken nuggets.  But I needed something.  Running does alot for my brain – second only to the crazy spinning classes.  So I did.  I jogged.  Just a mere two miles. And it went well, and I feel better – like I am the master decider of my own physical fate. 

I am harnessing the power of affirmations now. I feel great. I am strong and nothing hurts anywhere.  See?  Better already. 

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