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Meet Antonia

Farewell, G-Force.  You were a wonderful bike.

Not really.  You were terribly uncomfortable, and the cause of way too many low speed tipovers.

Hello, Specialized Secteur Elite Apex.  I’m not sure of the proper name for her yet.  Something sassy and snazzy.  Perhaps Antonia, in honor of my quest for St. Anthony’s.  Yes. Antonia.   The name “Antonia” is from Italian origin and means “priceless.”  Bea-u-tiful.

Hello, to the Expert and his new bike.  Specialized Allez Compact Apex.  I don’t know if he’s named his bike yet. Probably not.  It’s probably not very expert-like to name a bike. I will ask him.  He’s on his mountain bike right now at Tribble Mill Park.  Also, an unnamed bike, I’m sure. 

For the first time in  my life, I am ready for warm weather. 

I have a triathlon coach who is almost lined up to start with plans for January 31 (shall I even dare breathe that it could be Ironman G? And if anyone could kick my butt into shape for St. Anthony’s I would put money on him.)

Life is good.  Time is precious.  Why not spend it on something crazy like triathlon?

PS – I got inked (again).  I came up with the idea of a “charm bracelet” style inking that I can add to throughout the years (new ink to commemorate future events), create new “charms” to add and “dangle” from it.  Hand-drawn, traveling up the spine, and based off the ivy on my wedding dress, I think it’s pretty special, unique and yes, huge.  It’s completely hidden for work, cocktail parties, family reunions and other important “hide who I really am events”.  I am thirty-one years old.  God willing, I may have another fifty years on this planet.  I only live once.  2011 feels to be the very first time in my life that I am doing exactly what I want to do, and all for the positive. 

And there’s something to be said for that.  One word in particular comes to mind: “YAAAAAY!”

PPS – Yesterday’s workout was a psuedo-brick workout: spinning class, with a one mile run before class, and a 1.5 mile run after class.