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"I Can, I Will and Kiss My Ass"

A new mantra? Definitely! Credit given to an awesome triathlete: check out this inspiring read from one of my favorite websites, No Meat Athlete.

Today is Friday.  Yaaay, people!  I had a great 3/4 mile swim yesterday in the YMCA pool, in just under 35 minutes.  Just what I needed to know that I can make the swim cutoff at St. Anthony’s.  Granted, that will be 1 mile and open water, but I was moving at the speed of turtle through the water yesterday. I can only get better.  

As for the hip injury, I made a trip to the chiropractor today.  After tons of x-rays, tests and assessment it was determined that I’m a mess.  But I knew that.  The mess is caused from a whole host of factors: the way I sleep, my weightlifting past, the computer work, and the tri training.  And I really had a fit when I was told to stand on two scales. I was thinking, “Geez, I’m fat, but two scales? WTH?”  Turns out, it was to check and see if I placed most weight on one leg (over the other)(I did, by 40 pounds).

The doc performed a mini-adjustment, as I will have the major work-up plus long-term plan after the x-rays are studied, etc.  The mini-adjustment was still awesome.  I could breathe for the first time… ever (?). It was bizarre.  I could suddenly take in a whole lot more air.  And I walked in hurting, and left… not-hurting.

Things are totally looking up.  That, coupled with the fact that I found a small CSA (community supported agriculture) market in our town… I am looking forward to good things in the future.

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