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Four Mile Treadmill Run

Four mile treadmill run yesterday, followed by an hour-long roll on the foam roller.  Today, I am not dying and I am not that sore, which I attribute to the roller, for sure (because four miles is longer than I’ve run in over six months). 

In addition, the Expert and I are in the market for new road bikes – our Giant OCRs are dead, uncomfortable and well, 10 years old.  I hate G-Force. We received a tip to head to a bike place in Roswell and heeded the advice.
Roswell Bicycles is awesome.  We went in the store just to browse, and ended up being semi-fitted to two fabulous bikes by a super nice sales guy.  I have my eye on the Specialized Roubaix 2010 (which is on super sale) and the Expert is looking at another Specialized bike.  We are hopefully going to nail it down on Saturday. I am very excited.  It’s amazing what a comfortable bike feels like.

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