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After putting the kids down last night, the Expert and I rode side by side on our respective spin bike and trainer.  He dusted off his road bike and hooked it up, and I tried out the new ProForm bike, which was part of my Christmas.  I jammed some Eminem and he watched Star Wars II, but we were still doing something productive together.
Working out together felt awesome, especially since we (Athena and Clyde – our nicknames – you know I love nicknames) entered St. Anthony’s together.  We have not done a workout together in a long time – it’s difficult with full time jobs and children to carve out time for a “real” workout together.  Sure, we can take the kids to the park and jog, but there’s always sippy cups being thrown, stops for diaper changes.   Therefore, working out alone seems to be a more thorough workout.
I started out on this journey by myself – to start training in triathlon – but I am excited at the possibility of a training partner, and especially if that partner turns out to be MY partner. 
I also understand there is great value in having one’s own sport/hobby/activity, so I am fine with it either way.  Still doesn’t mean that we can’t workout together and inspire each other.  Inspiring each other = we have never been super successful at accomplishing.  The two of us are all “rah rah” when it comes to career and education and parenting, but the Expert and I have been giant excuses for each other when our health and working out. 
2011 promises to change that for old Athena and Clyde.   Side by side cycling is a huge start.
In other news, I came across this old picture of me from my weightlifting days. Hmmm. Circa 1997?  Look at my stomach.  Abs? Really?  I have no idea what happened to those.  Oh yeah… pizza, beer, children, stress and overall ickiness!
The nutty part about this picture is that I remember thinking I looked fat when it was taken.  Fat.  Oh, if eighteen year old Athena could have seen what fat could really be.
Which brings me to my next point:  the junction of mind/body togetherness.  I will probably brush on this issue for the vast majority of the whole SBM blog, and if I find the answer, then I will make millions.   
In 2011, I want my mental diminuitiveness to diminish.  For my mind to believe that my body is strong, injury free and capable of St. Anthony’s, or whatever is next.  I want to live in a state of striving contentment.  To me, this is a state of complete gratefulness at what I have (health, family) and using my gratefulness and abilities to simply do better.  Not be the best at whatever random task of the day arrives.  Just be a better version of me.  I guess that’s the law of attraction principle at work.  And the spirit of gratitude is the secret to the law of attraction.  When I feel sad or inspired, that’s the stuff I keep coming back to: gratitude.  Sounds good to me.

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