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Points of Fear

Ever since my first tri, I have been hurting like a little old lady after a bone-shattering car accident.  I remember exactly when my left hip gave up on me – right at the start of mile two of the run.  It’s been bothering me ever since.  Now, I am successfully screwing up lots of other parts because of this hip.  This morning when I ran, I favored the hip, which started botching up my knee.  And the back is connected to everything. Hip is out of alignment just a little?  Open the door for the back injury.

I purchased a great foam roller, which I am starting to swear by.  I love it so much, I have dreams about waking up to roll.  Trigger point therapy is not a new bag for me.  In weightlifting, I would push my back against any available doorway, finding that trapezius point and digging in.  I discovered the wonders of laying on the floor and rolling the points on a tennis ball. But with this baby triathlon under my belt, almost a month ago, I am still in shock about how much I am hurting.  I want to go all out and run run run, bike bike bike, but I am clearly a little derailed by this hip issue (which I refuse to declare “injury” just yet). 

I need to play this smart.  I am scared that I will lose momentum if I slow down and give myself a chance to heal.  But I am going to be in a serious situation if I do not chill out and fix what’s starting to crack a little.

And here’s something even stupider.  At my desk today, I performed some nutty move with my pen, and now, I think I hurt my wrist/hand (!).  How this is possible, I am not sure.  And I can’t even claim some sort of worker’s comp, because I was at my home office today.   Ha ha.

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