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These Hips Are Made for Ouching

Post-tri joints and muscles.  Holy cow.  Everything hurts.  So I Googled “post-race workouts” and found a bunch of message boards about how a “sprint tri is like a light workout” and therefore, “you should not need a post-race special workout.”  Oh, and my favorite was posted by a guy who said that he did a light, recovery ride of 50 miles on the bike. 

These crazy triathlon people.

Well, yesterday was the first day I could conceive of doing anything.  My hip flexors and knees are blown to pieces.  Blown to pieces from a baby triathlon.  Lawd.  So yesterday, I swam. A mile. In the heated, glorious pool.  And it was nice.

I went to the gym with all intentions of running this morning. But my left hip hurts and I’ve been stretching all week. So this morning, I stretched. And stretched. And stretched some more.  And then I got in the shower and went to work. 

Tomorrow is super spinning Friday. Thank God, I need the therapy.  Duathlon the following Sunday.  Oy vey. 

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