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Yes I Can’t

In the book Your First Triathlon, supercoach Joe Friel talks about the importance of never skipping training days and how the level of committment to triathlon has to be hardcore. I understand that, I do. He also says, in paraphrase, that if you just commit to getting dressed and giving your workout five minutes, then chances are you will continue the training for the day. I also understand that.
And agree. Most of the time that works. He also said, if after five minutes, you can’t get into it, then give it up, today’s not your day. Do better tomorrow.

Yesterday, I did a quick yoga routine from the P90x series. I didn’t make it very far along. I was just incredibly sore from the brick on Friday. Felt good to stretch out, though.

Then again… today. I did not feel like running, jogging, walking. I just wanted to lay. But I got dressed, strapped on the heartrate monitor, the shoes. I jogged five minutes, and threw in the towel. My joints hurt, my knee, my toes. I am going to do better tomorrow. That’s all I can do.

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