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Fiery Head

I managed a four mile run tonight, which I completely attribute to my head of freshly made red hair. Triathlon hair, that’s what I say! Go ahead, you may laugh now. But you won’t be laughing one year from now. Or ten years. Ha ha! (Okay, I’m a little sleep deprived. A four mile run does not a triathlete make.)

Now, if only my husband wasn’t in Australia and I didn’t have to rely on toddlers to take pictures of me.

Turning over a new leaf and crazy changes… two things I like best in this world. And no, those are not the same things. One can turn over a leaf and that’s small (like red hair and starting to move a little). One can make gutsy changes like deciding to become an Ironman as a double amputee. Take it from Scott Rigsby. If someone can finish the Ironman competition with no legs, that begs the question: why in the world do many of us settle? Why do we settle for less than we deserve, less than that which we are capable?

I have never officially settled in the sense of life in general. I have a great husband – he’s super material. I have a great job, house, family and friends. But I have always, always sacrificed myself and my health and physciality for school, job and family. And that’s okay. Certain times in my life have required it. Ah-hem – two pregnancies back to back. But even still, that was just an excuse.

I thought I had no time in law school, during my first job as a baby attorney. Good Lord, those were all times in my life full of freedom to take care of myself. To focus on career, running or lifting weights, and I just simply flushed that time away. I did not even see it. Now, the hard thing for me to admit is that I was never forced to sacrifice health and time for myself. I just made a decision not to care. Well, now I care.

I must simply make it a priority, and make it a decision. And I may fall and stumble and look like a total geekoid doing it. But by the grace of God, I am not going to give up on this. And now, I am busier than I have ever been. But only now, I am finding the way to do it. That in itself, feels like I have already won.


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