NOTE: These are READER SUBMITTED ugly race photos (and reader submitted captions).  Ugly photos submitted by BEAUTIFUL people!  I am posting these only because someone gave them to me and gave permission to post.  

Everyone has hideous race photos.  Be a sport and share yours!!  We all really love laughing. 
Here’s a few good ones of me:

 “I’m sorry… I thought this was triathlon… not speed walking.”
“Thumbs up. Face down.”

Now… on to the reader photos!

“I’ve taken some pretty awful race pictures, but this just might be the tops. 
The only redeeming qualities about this photo: 1) I found it in the “male swim” lost and found pics, which means I was passing dudes who started 3 and 6 minutes before me and I was the second lady out of the water, and 2) Ok there’s nothing else good to say about this photo.”

“I have no idea why I made this face right before my turn in the pool. 
Maybe it finally hit me–what the heck am I doing??!! It was my first tri.”

“Ok, here it is! The worst of the worst. This was the run portion (obviously) of the Cancun 70.3 September 2010. HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN! And I thought Florida was hot. 
I finished so, that’s important. And I even beat a few people. Just a few.”

“Does it get much better? First pool swim tri, it’s like an alien.”

Nothing says “imminent triathlete” than no boob support 
and overly lubed up forearms pre-wetsuiting. 

“hmm…lucious!….rolls and everything!”

“Nothing like wet lycra to bring out the best fashion look. This was my first tri, IronGirl!!”

Here is McSoapy in a sprint finish. He said after he collapsed at the finish line 
and put his hands on his knees he said, “What the hell IS this?!?!” BAHAHA! We have no idea what happened to his pants! Did I not rinse them in the wash? There is foam coming out of them!!? WTH? 
He doesn’t know what happened either but its pretty hilarious!”

“ok, this was the swim where I thought I was going to die after being kicked and hyperventilating. My facial expression is a combination of pure defeat and the thought “welp, I’m still alive… I think”. 
It is the ugliest photo because 1.) my flappy pale underarms are displayed in all their glory 
2) I have the worst double…maybe triple…chin ever and 3) I am in a wetsuit…enough said :)”

Swim Bike Mom.  Not my finest hours. 

“I don’t have an ugly tri photo so here is my ugly cycling photo from May when my husband and I did the Tour de Cure 55 miler in San Diego. I made it all the way through the ride with out 
dying only to fall off my bike while trying to dismount.”

“… and just one more (sadly – this is something I have an endless supply of). This was my first tri ever. Nautica. I mean, good thing I started small, right?! I thought I had it handled, then all of a sudden I was standing in line to race to the water, and those nerves you read about, yeah, they kicked in. And luckily for me, my photographer friend was there at that very moment to catch the fear as it swept over my entire body (and apparently mouth and tongue – some of that maybe my heart coming out of my throat too).”

“Getting a wet-suit wedgie from my coach :-)”

“I have been holding onto this one and debating whether or not to post it all day…but here it is. This is me over a year ago at my very first tri. First of all, I am damn serious about that water. Secondly, running in spandex apparently not only makes for the biggest camel toe photo ops, but also makes one leg look bigger than the other and my whole freakin crotch appears crooked! Yay!”

“Looking like I’m going to go #2 in my wetsuit… Yay for nerves! (No – it didn’t happen!)”

Phil… lost in transition.

“face expression – don’t slip on floor and hurry up. (what I was really thinking – 
my friends told me to cannon ball into the water. I was debating wether I was going to do it or not)”

“Sexy belly, n’est pas?”

“After my first tri.”

“Only an awesome husband would take this and think it an attractive photo!”

“Falling at St. Anthony’s feet from the finish line. Going along just fine then in a blink I was like a turtle on my back looking up at a spectator. It was a good laugh!!”

“Every time I see this picture it reminds me how much fun running a marathon can be!!!”

“I think I was about to die…or crap my pants, one of the two.”

2011 Apr 09 – Savannah Sprint Triathlon (and my 1st)
They said there were Easter eggs out in the water and all I 
had to do was wear this cap to find them…I didn’t find any. That swim kicked my butt!”

 “Before and after spotting the camera!”

 “Seriously – from the MusselMan Tri – I’ll use duct tape next time. 
For all things Holy, I have GOT to figure out what to do with the girls. Sigh.”
-From Lisa, at Stories of a Traveling Diva (check her out).

“Loggerhead (Palm Beach) 2010… I had just stubbed my toe on a 
huge rock coming out of the water… Not Fun.”

Someone had to come in here and throw down the Spade! My Ugly submission: TryCharleston Sprint during the run after snapping my bike crank off. This photo is a Train wreck! lol”

Oh yes, Swim Bike Mom at my finest.

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