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Finding the Confidence to Reach your Goals

In this article from Meredith Atwood in Triathlete Magazineshe talks about finding the confidence to grab those goals and GET ‘EM.


Triathlon was no different for me. At the beginning, it was all about what I couldn’t do. I can’t run fast. I can’t climb on a bike. I can’t clip out of my pedals. I had a form of triathlon-based negativity compulsion.

Then something inside of my brain clicked during training for my first Olympic-distance race. At some point, I decided that I was tough as nails and nothing could stop me. Both things are not actually true, but in my mind, I believed them, and these thoughts festered. “Hey, I am tough, because I am training for a triathlon!”

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Proud to be a Member of the 2015 Klean Athlete Team

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Tales from Another Mother Runner was just released, and I have one of the essays featured in the book.

“In “I Just Try Really Hard,” Meredith Atwood writes about her inability to identify as a real runner and athlete, even after completing an ironman triathlon. Atwood describes her journey toward “learning to love the athletic me, the triathletic me, just me, right where I am.” The essay speaks to the lack of esteem that seems endemic among mother runners, who downplay their efforts, unwilling to believe that they are indeed what Bowen Shea and McDowell call “bad-assed mother runners” (or BAMR for short).”  Read more





More than honored and ecstatic to be part of the Women for Tri Board of Directors for 2015.

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Guess who has a new gig at Today’s Mama?  :)







New article in Triathlete Magazine, “Think Before You Jump,” p. 26,  June 2014




Another rave review about Triathlon for the Every Woman

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“This might be one of my favorite books when it comes to fitness and middle age. Atwood narrates a tale here that will be familiar to so many of us – whether it is that you are an Athena (fancy way of saying more than 150lbs or so) or you are someone who did not think you could do it. She really is for the every woman. Now granted her background is athletic (more than couch potato) but it’s not as if she was only a year or two out of that situation. She’s got a real job and a real family and real issues. There are injuries, self doubt, and family commitments that all converge to make things not as easy as you might think. It takes dedication and perseverance and that is what I think you can get out of this book.

I’ve seen some reviews that say maybe this one is a bit long winded. I didn’t find it so. I was utterly fascinated pretty much the whole book. The amount of detail she uses as she breakdown races made me feel like I was there with her and REALLY was motivating. There is some (there is <i>always </i> some) do as I say not as I do but it doesn’t really detract. Also this book did not come across as whining and obnoxious. I’ve read a few lately that are similar where that tone was something I didn’t really enjoy. Atwood has a coach but it grows organically and it never seems to put her up on an elite status as far as “well this book is for everywoman who clears $200K per year” – like another book I have been listening too.

I found her blog/website to be also very interesting. One of my biggest fears is that I’ll look stupid. This is not the same as having people look at me because of my body – truth be told I’m at about 26% Body Fat and I may be carrying a few extra lbs but overall I’m happy with my weight and that’s not my issue. It’s more the fear of embarrassment heavy on the looking like an “a%#” part of it. Just sayin’.

REALLY enjoyed this book. Felt it was worth every penny. I’ll go back to it I’m sure again and again for inspiration. Outstanding!”



Best Comeback Athlete for 2013
at the Gear & Glimmer Awards in Atlanta, Georgia




Swim Bike Mom = the Newest HEADSWEATS Ambassador!




Rave reviews for Triathlon for the Every Woman at

“I made it through most of Triathlon For Every Woman just on the flight out and finished the rest before we made it home.  If you are naturally un-athletic, out of shape, over weight, ever considered triathlon, or never considered triathlon this book is a MUST READ!  I found Meredith from Swim Bike Mom totally relatable and hilarious to boot.  While I may not have ever had to contend with a Fat Stranger, I have had to overcome a Hollow, Emotionally Unstable Stranger following an abusive relationship.  As she points out, her book is not exclusive.  Everyone hits a point in his or her life when they don’t like or can’t relate with the person looking back in the mirror.  Her story is one of reconciling who she was and who she wanted to be.  That is something anyone can relate to.  While I’m sure Meredith would love for everyone to try triathlon as a means to changing their lives, what she is really doing is encouraging the masses to go out and chase there dreams.  She does this by breaking the process down into short term and long term goals.  Start with what seems doable and build to the impossible.  I couldn’t agree with her more.  She is truly a woman after my own heart.  Add to that that she has a team of experts (including her husband The Expert) to break everything down and make it accessible.  Meredith is open about the fact that she had barely finished a couple  5Ks before making the decision (or should I say Decision) to become a triathlete.  The journey changed her life forever.

Now she has built a Swim Bike Mom Empire (I mean the girl even has her own triathlete apparel! Who is up for some Running Thriver swag? jk Maybe someday) , and as I wrote to tell her, I only hope that someday I can expand The Running Thriver to be able to inspire and help the masses to the degree that she has.  There was I time when I used to think that I needed to accomplish all my craziest goals in life before my story would be worth sharing.  I believed that I should wait until after completing an Ironman to write a book. However, Swim Bike Mom has changed my perspective on that.  When she wrote her book, she had set a goal for herself to complete an Ironman, but hadn’t actually done it yet.  Instead, she choose to write her story after her second half Ironman.”



A cover girl?! Whoa. Who knew. :)
Honored to be on the cover of this month’s issue of Triathlon Lifestyle!




An interview with Quintana Roo Tri!
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Article Published in January’s Issue of Triathlete Magazine!

Triathlete Mag 1.1.14

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Andy Potts Weekend (a/k/a BEST WEEKEND EVER!)





Guest Appearance on Radio Show: Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy



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I was interviewed yesterday for a feature on!  How exciting is that?!

Here’s a new feature on Miss Millennia too!


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A Podcast with my favorite ladies from Another Mother Runner!


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