Now Accepting Applications for the 2015 Swim Bike Mom Team!

WHAT IS THE 2015 Swim Bike Mom Ambassador TEAM (SBMAT #TeamSBM)?

The “Team” will be made up 10-15 of women (sorry, guys!) across the United States and Canada only (for the first year!). We are looking for women (ages 20-60+, married or single, children or no children) who embody the Swim Bike Mom spirit of “Just Keep Moving Forward” and who will represent the Swim Bike Mom “Army” across the U.S. during 2015 races.

We want to let all women know that they can be changed through the sport of triathlon Members of the SBMAT must embody a positive attitude, determination, excellent sportsmanship, and a love for the sport of triathlon. Social media interaction is also a must.  This is the flagship group of the SBMAT, so flexibility and understanding is also appreciated. :)



Applications for the 2015 SBMAT are now closed.



2015 Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team will be announced in late October / early November.  If you are chosen, you will be contacted via the telephone number you provided in your application.


    • Swim Bike Mom says

      Thanks “Kelli.” $195 for a racing top, shorts, visor and tech tee, plus product freebies and exclusive discounts, when we have NO CASH SPONSORS to assist with this team… are you kidding me? “Always trying to make a buck off the army”? Funny, because last time I checked, putting together this team was actually costing me money… Huh.

    • says

      You do realize it costs lots of time and money to organize and put something like this together right? It is an amazing amount of work and it is evident that you have never had to organize any type of event of any scale. Advertising, banners, registrations, gear, for expos and things…all of that stuff costs money.
      I can guarantee she is not going to be making money off of this the first year, maybe ever. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to apply, weighing my personal financial situation, but it has nothing to do with me even remotely thinking Meredith is trying to make money off the SBM Army.

  1. says

    Well…I applied. I figured it’s the most dramatic way to go from ‘lurker’ to full blown Army member!

    Whatever the result, thanks for the opportunity Meredith! Congrats on your ever expanding circle of triathlon positivity!


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