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For a few weeks now, Coach Monster has been working with me on improving my ever-loving hideous running form. He’s only watched me run once, but we’ve been chatting and I’ve been updating him via phone and email. [I can proudly say, that I believe my chicken wing has all but disappeared.]
Today, I planned to zip over to Life Time Fitness for a quick 2 miler on the treadmill during lunch.  I stepped outside of the office, noticing two things:
1) The weather was a-maz-ing; and
2)  I was parked next to the Ironwoman. Look how lovey-dovey our cars look together.  And we both have University of Georgia tags (not shown for obvious reasons).  I can’t believe it.  The same alma mater.  It’s fate, I tell you.  Twisted single white female fate.
You probably think I am about to post something awesome about how I finally met her.  Alas, no.
My point being:  the day was beautiful and I was pumped up at seeing my Ironwoman’s car, so I decided:  I am a triathlete (or something like it), I am going to run outside today.

I parked at the gym and hauled my stuff inside.  I grabbed my water bottle, Garmin, headphones and iPhone, and I started to leave.  Then, I stopped.   I tossed my water bottle back in the locker. 
This is big news because I was acknowledging that I would only be gone for a short while.  Never would I have left my water bottle, not even for a mile.  
I took off, and felt great.  The pace was good, I felt fast (for me).  
For awhile, I didn’t even realize I was running.  My form didn’t feel like I was flailing. I felt calm. 
I started to push a little faster, and my heartrate started screaming.  I climbed some hills, I was starting to hurt a little.  Couldn’t breathe, but kept going.  After I finished the 2 mile loop, I looked down at my Garmin and saw this.
No, I’m not talking about how weird it is that I have two numbers that are identical on the top.
But rather the numbers themselves:  
Time: 19:42.
Distance: 2.00 mi

This may not mean alot to you.  But this means a record setting day for me.  Because those numbers mean a sub-ten minute mile pace.  9:50 to be exact.  And yes, while I was literally gasping for breath by the end, this is the fastest I have ever, ever in my life run 2 miles.  And on hills. 
Compare this pace to my first real 5k, just over a year ago: 12:29 minute mile pace. 
I love growth days.  The days when you feel a change creep in and take root. I love these days!  And I feel the psycho creeping back in, the good psycho. The I-am-in-control-of-my-life-as-much-as-possible psycho.  
I am down 4 pounds this week.  Ilana, my nutritionist, told me that once I get my eating under control, that I will feel in control of my life.
She is so right.  
As such, I can announce without a shadow of a doubt… that I am back on track, y’all (at least for the next 12 hours).  
Watch out.  Here comes the happy train. Now, if I can only meet my Ironwoman…. that would solidify the awesomeness of today.



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  • Kimberly

    December 15, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    Awesome time! You Rock! And I love your Ironwoman stalking updates. I, too, am a (mostly) innocent stalker at heart..and your updates crack me up.

  • Goddess in Progress

    December 15, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    DUDE. That is so awesome, I would be doing a happy happy joy joy dance for that one. I'm still in 12:15-12:30 land, my Nike+ says my fastest mile yet (I've had the app for a couple of months) is 11:45, and that was with a fortunate downhill. I bow down to your sub-10! (Not to mention being down 4 – damn girl! Way to go!)

  • Duckie

    December 16, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    "I love growth days. The days when you feel a change creep in and take root. I love these days! And I feel the psycho creeping back in, the good psycho. The I-am-in-control-of-my-life-as-much-as-possible psycho. "

    I know that feeling. I love that feeling. Congrats on finding your way back to it!!!!! Rock on!


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